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I've been a long time Arson user and @eccocade is the best owner you could ask for. Before Arson, I used cheap google servers and my local PC which worked sometimes but I never hit hyped drops. When I first joined Arson roughly 6 months ago I hit 2 3080s my first week. Speed, consistent performance, and 24/7 uptime are what you can expect with Arson. My VM server tested at 15ms to Amazon, and 18ms to Target. Staff has always been quick and helpful, everything you could ask for. I've never experienced downtime with my server. I would personally recommend Arson to anyone.

@eccocade Is amazing and his service is impeccable. This is the only server service I have used who actually stands by there work and truly wants to deliver a great product. Cooking through his BM server and partnered proxies has changed my life. My advice, if you want to cook the whole fucking store, don't wait and get in!

The low pings intrigued me, then started asking questions and was satisfied with the support, still hesitated to buy cause i already had three other servers, good thing i bought when i did cant keep them in stock now. Had an issue with failing proxies opened a ticket described problem and fixed. Now i'm back with the same low ping speeds. One more thing was hitting higher pings other VMs came here and speeds cut to half with same proxies and various providers.
DLDP Ralf#0176

As with others, the low pings intrigued me. I was fortunate enough to be able to grab a VIP server. Performance has been good so far (see fogldn-results). I did have a very strange issue with my server. I opened a ticket and eccocade was very responsive, prompt, professional, and fixed my issue (directly) and had me up and running very quickly. Excellent service so far. Bezos addon also delivered quickly. Can't wait to cook

As everyone else said when I saw the speed tests and noticed how low the ping was I was also interested in buying one of these servers and for the price I can say it is a great server. No issues at all and speeds have been great. These servers are seriously amazing and if there are any issues the owner fixes them quickly. I would recommend these servers to anyone if you want an amazing server
Gamer3112 is in wave#3543

I first noticed Arson servers on my twitter timeline... I was really puzzled when I saw the screenshot of the low pings, they were the lowest I had ever seen, so I commented and waited, he replied right away... I had to wait for a restock, when it happened I got it right away. going to be honest cancelled cause I had an issue with intermittent connection issues, but I was in a real bad mood, hadn't copped anything in over a month. I regretted it, apologized to Ecco via DM and asked him not to cancel, he was very understanding and he assumed I would want to keep it, cause heck, lets be honest there is no competition for Arson, he then released 3.0 which was even better, there was another restock and I copped another server LOL, that is how good these are, I endorse ArsonServers, the best in the business, Guaranteed ! Gomu Gomuuu noooo ...

I have been on the hunt for the best server x proxy combo for a little over 2 months now and have bought at least 5 vms from different providers, all to my dismay. Found Arson from a success post on Twitter, found RetailHub, joined up, talked to ecco and the rest is history. Hit within 4 days of setting up with Bezos Proxies. Can't recommend Arson enough, even the Basic tier hits! Had a slight issue but was resolved within the hour. Best service from any provider I have dealt with in the last 2 months and hands down the best servers in the business right now.

Fastest servers in the game, dedicated customer service, what more can you ask for? I made a mistake in the verification process but @eccocade was kind and patient enough to verify me in a timely manner without hesitation. I bought a basic tier server and later impulse-purchased a VIP server; upon request, I was refunded for my basic tier server NO QUESTIONS ASKED, despite it being the older purchase. Needless to say, I've been somewhat of a handful and I understand that each of the clients' concerns/inquiries can be overwhelming for him, but that's just to show you @eccocade's dedication to his clients and his impeccable work ethic. Oh yeah, did I mention these servers are fast af? Trust me, you don't want to sleep on ArsonServers.

Arson servers are optimized by @eccocade to the teeth. You won't get any better servers for the same price from other providers, actually probably not even if you want to pay more. Copped two GPUs first day I set up my bot.

O BOY O BOY I gotta say that I have used a good amount of servers (zesty, 10x, etc) since the start of this year. Not just for GPUs but also other retail products and although it may be luck, or maybe the 5ms I have over walmart/target/amazon @eccocade has something special here. Hit 11 clip the a few days back after having server for a week. Regardless of luck or these servers just being top notch i'll take it and continue to recommend these servers/bezos proxies.

Alright I gotta say I was skeptical about the glowing reviews I've been reading and wanted to try arson out for myself. Got Platinum a couple days ago and haven't had the time to migrate all my bots over yet. I was hitting the Walmart PS5 restock at noon today and after ~300 tasks my old AWS VM (2nd generation 3.3GHz AMD EPYC 7002 series processors) with 64 cores and 128gb of RAM could not handle it. Stellar crashed multiple times in the middle of the drop. When the 9pm drop was announced I took the time to migrate everything over to Arson and it had ZERO issues starting up even more tasks than before; Stellar never crashed. Arson is the real deal.

Just a few days ago, all my profiles tested 'OK' on Nova. I knew my account and proxies were good since I had tested them through my local computer 'PERFECT' across all my profiles. I contacted @eccocade and let me tell ya.. customer service is A1. He took the time to look into the server as well as contacted Nova devs to figure out the issue. Now my Nova profiles are working 100%. I am new to Arson. I subscribed about a little more than a week ago and have yet to successfully cop. Can't wait to cook with this server + bezos!

Anyone looking to cop an Arson server. Don't be shy. Do it. I have officially hit 1 month and I am 100% satisfied. What separates Arson from other "big name" servers is the customer service. Although, I didn't have any issues, I put in a ticket for a discount code and the ticket was resolved almost immediately. Most companies would take longer just to address a ticket. Also, the speed test results don't lie, Arson is the only server providing data to help make your decision making easier. If you're having doubts, just take a look at the data. Numbers don't lie. I don't see any other companies doing that. So if you're having any doubts, I would say take the leap and give it a go. If you're not hitting clips, your settings are just ass. This server hits.

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