How to connect via Microsoft Remote Desktop
- Start > Run
- mstsc /v:<insert your IP here>
- Enter
- It should prompt you to input your username/password
- Use "local\Administrator" (without quotes obviously) followed by the password that was sent to you via email

For Windows 10: Start > Type Remote Desktop Connection. Select the Remote Desktop Connection app.

In the Remote Desktop Connection window that appears:

Computer: Type the IP address of your server.
- Click Connect.
- It should prompt you for your Credentials now.
- In the Username field, enter "local\Administrator".
- In the password field, enter the password that was sent to you via email.
- If the Username field does not show up and you see a "More choices" link, click that, and select "Use a different account"

Click OK

The Windows Security window will open.
Confirm the connection with Yes.


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