How to Connect Through Devolutions Remote Desktop Manager (

Step 1: Select New Entry > Session > RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop)

Step 2: Fill Out Information from Arson Email with Login Credentials
Name: Name this whatever you preferred
Host: This is the IP Address for your Server
Username: Username provided by Arson Email
Password: Password provided by Arson Email










Adjusting Display on Devolutions




On the same window you set up your connection there is a "Display" tab. This is where you can adjust Fullscreen, Smart sizing or the desired Resolution for the RDP Connection.




Smart sizing should make the display stretch to the edges even if you resize the window.





Full screen will make the RDP connection open and take over the entire screen.





Copying files to and from local and server/vice versa with Devolutions...




Devolutions mounts your local hard drive on the remote server so you can copy and paste files to and from the server. This is how we recommend you back up your appdata. Legit, copy and paste. Can also use this to upload appdata if you have configured your bot on your local machine.





This is where your appdata folder is, typically all bots will be in here..





You would look for the files here and just copy the folder over to your local which again is under This PC and would say C on YourComputersName.





From there just go in and paste it wherever you want to save it on your local. And do it in reverse to restore appdata.